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First author papers:

      Retrieval study of cool, directly imaged exoplanet 51 Eridani b 

Other papers:

  • Seeburger, L. M. R., Higgins, P., Whiteford, N., Cockell, C., Astrobiology, submitted,

      Modelling Life on other planets: CH4 biosignatures on an archaean-Earth-like exoplanet

  • Cockell, C., Wordsworth, R., Whiteford, N., Higgins, P., Astrobiology, in press,

      Minimum units of habitability and their abundance in the universe

  • Pluriel, W., Whiteford, N., et al., AJ 160 112, Aug. 2020, DOI: 10.3847/1538-3881/aba000  ARES. III. Unveiling the Two Faces of KELT-7 b with HST WFC3

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